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See you at St Margarets Fair

When you spot a photo booth at the fair, pop in.

That’ll be us. With yellow shirts and a professional photographer. Pull your family in and capture a memory – a little treasure for the years ahead. Or pick up a prop and pose for a goofy selfie. Whatever you do, you’ll help your community build Moormead Pavilion.

With over £22,000 raised, we’re 65% there. But we don’t have much time left. So, the fair is a big deal!

Join more than 200 of your neighbours and support us.

In other news… we made the news.

Our trustees were featured in an article that’s been published on the MyLondon website, and some of its affiliates. It captures the project perfectly and features some of your wonderful comments. Check it out.

To everyone who’s donated or helped us… thank you. You’re making our new pavilion a reality.

See you soon.

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