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£10,000 unlocked

You helped raise nearly £20,000 in just 12 days

There’s a word we’ve been using a lot lately: “Wow!”

As we set up our gazebos for the community picnic, we wondered how many of you would join us. We had a lingering fear it would just be a handful of residents. It turned out we had nothing to fear.

Thanks to all of you – hundreds of neighbours and friends – who made it such a wonderful day.

Live music, dancing, ice creams, hot dogs, samosas, painted faces and children playing under a colourful parachute. So many great conversations, so many new ideas and introductions.

The picnic marked a perfect start to our crowdfunder campaign, and it showed us, yet again, that this community wants a new pavilion in Moormead Park.

And then there’s the fundraiser itself. Wow! Nearly £20,000 raised in less than two weeks. More than 150 supporters and the kindest of messages from those who’ve donated.

With your help, we’re already half way there.

We’ve got our sights set firmly on our target: £35,000. Help spread the word. Use your WhatsApp groups, share it on social media and tell your friends and neighbours.

Together, we’ll get there and make the pavilion a reality.

You said it:

“The Pavillion will be a new heart for the community. A place for families, friends and fun. Thank you to all involved in making this dream take the long walk to reality,” – Alexander.
“My family have enjoyed Moormead for over 50 years. My daughters, and now my grandsons spend time enjoying the park and its facilities. Sadly, soon after we moved to the area, the toilets closed down and the pavilion slowly deteriorated. We are all looking forward to the renaissance of the pavilion. It is wonderful to see how it has united the community and how so many dedicated people have given their free time to provide sporting opportunities to young boys and girls in and around this area. Let's make it happen!” – Joanna.
“Having a new pavilion at Moormead will make such a difference to the local community! My children love playing in the park and attending sports programmes at Moormead - to have somewhere with toilets and facilities will be brilliant!” – Dee.

Special thanks to our picnic partners:

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