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Moormead Pavilion

Help us build a new community space for all
A pavilion with toilets, a cafe and storage will unlock our park's full potential

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A project for everyone
who uses and loves
St Margarets'
Moormead Park

We’re a group of residents on a mission to build a pavilion, and turn it into the heart of our community. The building being replaced was condemned and is boarded up. We’ve spent years working to open a new, modern pavilion in its place. 
With planning permission in hand, we’re raising money to start building. 
And we need your help

About the project

Old pavilion photo

Final hurdle

We want to turn a dangerous eyesore into a magnet that attracts families, sports teams, runners, dog walkers, schools, the elderly and anyone who wants to feel like they belong.

The pavilion will offer essential toilets, storage and a meeting space for residents and visitors. Not to mention coffees, ice creams and sausage rolls. 


We’ve consulted widely, and we know you can’t wait to for the pavilion doors to open.


Help us clear the final hurdle.

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A new pavilion means...

A game changer. A revival. A lasting legacy

Fun in the park photo

Family Fun

More families will enjoy the park - with toilets, more families will visit and stay longer

Cake sale photo

Mental Wellbeing

A place for everyone to enjoy community events. After all, nature is good for the mind, body & soul

Girls' football team photo

Girls' Football

Girls' football returns - the park will meet requirements for toilets and sports storage

People meeting in the park

More Access & Inclusion

A space to socialise and meet your neighbours

Social gathering photo

Less Loneliness

For people moving into the area and the elderly living here 

Junior park run photo

Safer Neighbourhood

A loved and looked-after community space where our children spend their days

Crowds in front of the old pavilion

How can I help?

We rely entirely on volunteers. We need your help


We can’t do this without you

Help us hit our build target and let your donation show your support for this community project. The more pledges we get, the better our chances are of unlocking charity grants.

Offer rewards

Local businesses and patrons

This one’s great for local businesses or residents who can donate something we can use in our fundraising. It might be something off the shelf, a voucher or a workshop. If it makes a great raffle prize, we’d love to team up with you. You’ll get a shout-out.

Spread the word

Be our megaphone

WhatsApp your groups, post on social media, tell your neighbours and help us reach as many people as we can. Tell your friends to get behind Moormead Pavilion. 


Roll up your sleeves

Turn your idea into a fun fundraiser. Whether you bake cookies, run a race or organise a raffle, we’d love your support. Setting up your own fundraising page takes a few minutes. Contact us and we’ll get you started. (Use the “contact project” button.) 

Meet the Team

Join us in building the Pavilion


Your project questions answered

Deputy mayor with Gariesh photo
Families buying ice creams

Can't we just renovate the existing building?

The professional advice is not to. Plus, the design considerations for the new pavilion are significantly different to the current building, which dates back to 1940. If we want a modern, sustainable pavilion that works for our community, we have to build it. Richmond Council owns the current structure. It’s already received a surveyor’s report analysing what it would cost to repair it. The council’s position is that repairing what’s there amounts to “throwing good money after bad”. We’ve consulted architects and builders, and they hold the same view. They say refurbishment could lead to unexpected costs and delays.

What will it cost to rebuild the pavilion?

We’ve got an initial estimate from a building contractor putting the cost at more than £1 million. This quote is based on assumptions about the current structure - for example: the presence of asbestos. Richmond Council is conducting an asbestos and ground investigation, along with other surveys. This will allow contractors to give us more accurate quotes. If you have skills and experience and want to help us review quotes from contractors, please get in touch.

How long will it take to build?

It’s tough to say at this stage. But we expect it to take a year once we have the funding we need. 

Why is the crowdfunding target so much lower than the full building cost?

Every pound we raise will help build the new pavilion. But the crowdfunding campaign has another, crucial objective: to show widespread community support for the project. This support will help us unlock funding from the charitable organisations we’re counting on to raise the majority of our costs. These organisations include London Marathon Charitable Trust, Sport England Community Investment Fund and Big Lottery Fund. We’ve already received £150,000 from Richmond Council. 

Contact us

Please get in touch to help!

Moor Mead Road, Twickenham, TW1 1JS

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