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Who will run the pavilion?

The key to a sustainable pavilion is a commercially viable pavilion. Making this happen is a core part of the new design. We’ve already got interest from parties who want to operate the new café. Picking the right partner will be important. That’s why we’re looking for a volunteer Commercial Director who has expertise in hospitality and can lead the selection process. If that’s you, please get in touch.

Who is the ultimate owner of the Pavilion and what happens to the money raised both now and in future?

Richmond Council owns the current structure and will own the new pavilion. As a charity, we’re negotiating a 25-year lease for the pavilion. As such, every penny raised, and every penny spent, will be compliant with our objectives as a registered charity (Moormead Community and Sports Pavilion, Registered Charity No 1179951)

What experience does the core pavilion team have to raise the necessary funds?

This is a community effort. It draws on the passion, goodwill and generosity of people who share a desire to see a new modern, inclusive and sustainable Pavilion replace the current derelict eyesore. We are fortunate that within our community we can draw on a core group of volunteers who bring their professional experience in business, commercial fundraising, community engagement, bid writing, marketing and public relations to help co-ordinate and drive this project. If you have skills you feel you can contribute, please do get involved.

What is the rationale behind the design?

The current pavilion was built more than 80 years ago. The new, sustainable pavilion will function in a completely different way. That’s what it needs a completely different design. This design (and this entire project) is guided by five core objectives:

Giving people access to live sport

We appreciate that elderly grandparents and parents with infants/babies want to come to Moormead Park to watch their children or grandchildren play sports. But some can’t do that because there is nowhere to shelter from rain or cold. Having enough indoor space for families to watch the action or take a break is an important factor in helping families decide to come to Moormead Park regularly. The choice of a transparent material for the front of the pavilion as a building material (rather than using the existing brickwork) supports this objective. We want to maintain the connection with the outdoor space even when people use the pavilion.


Efficient use of space

Respond to community feedback

Environment friendly

What happens if the community doesn't meet the target needed to rebuild the pavilion?

The community is behind this project and we believe we can hit our target.

Moormead Community & Sports Pavilion is a registered charity. Our objectives control how we spend the money we raise. Our objectives are threefold:

  1. To provide or assist in the provision of facilities in the interests of social welfare for recreation and other leisure time occupation of individuals in Twickenham and the surrounding area who have need of such facilities by reason of their youth, age, infirmity or disability, financial hardship or social circumstances with the object of improving their conditions of life.

  2. The promotion of community participation in healthy recreation in particular for the benefit of the inhabitants of Twickenham and the surrounding area by the provision of facilities for participating in (but not limited to) football, cricket, athletics and cycling.

  3. The provision of public toilet facilities for the public benefit at Moormead Community & Sports Pavilion, Moormead Park, Twickenham.

Thames Water has drainage plans for Moormead Park. Will this affect the pavilion project?

Our entire community is concerned about these plans. We know that our local councillors and Richmond officers are not supporting the plans as they stand. This gives us more energy and reason to get the pavilion built as quickly as possible. A new pavilion offers yet another compelling reason for why our park should not be dug up.

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